The All-States Group has been taking deposits for over 50 years.

The All-States Group offers debt securities to sophisticated and professional investors. The minimum deposit amount for sophisticated investors is $500,000. Professional investors may include financial service licensees, trustees of super funds, listed entities and exempt public authorities. Funds are invested on a fixed term basis and rates will depend on the term for which the funds are invested.

Funds invested with the All-States Group provides a secure investment at attractive rates, ideal for superannuation funds, retirees or any investor requiring a stable high yield cash flow.

Who is All-States Group and what can it do for me?
The All-States Group is a financial services group who specialises in investing in registered first and second mortgages over real estate, The group provides debt securities in the form of unsecured deposit notes to investors at an attractive rate.

How long do I need to commit myself to a deposit note?
Funds are invested for a fixed term. This means the funds cannot be withdrawn until the end of the term. Terms range from six months to two years depending on investor requirements.

Why are your investment rates higher than those of the banks?
There is a high demand for short term finance and we are able to obtain higher interest rates which we can pass on to our investors.

Are there any fees or charges?
No, there are no fees or charges.

Is the All States Group supervised by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (“APRA”)?
All-States Capital Group Ltd and All-States Corporation Ltd (members of the All-States Group) are registered with APRA as financial corporations under the Financial (Collection of Data) Act 2001. However, this does not mean that it is supervised by APRA or that the deposits will have the right of priority repayment conferred on depositors by Section 13A of the Banking Act.

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