About Us

The group has operated for over 60 years, since it was started in 1958 by Arthur Goode, the founder of the stockbroking firm, A. C. Goode & Co

The All-States Group is a successful financial investment group based in Melbourne. The group has operated for over 50 years since it was started in 1958 by Arthur Goode, the founder of the stockbroking firm, A. C. Goode and Co. The group invests in mortgages and other secure investments while providing competitive rates of return to its investors. The group is now run by the children and grandchildren of the founder.

The information contained in this website is for general information only. Before you decide to make any financing or investment decision you are strongly recommended to obtain appropriate professional advice.

Executive Directors

Julie Goode has been a director with the company since 1996 and actively working in the company as an executive director since 2002. She has extensive experience in every facet of the business including investment and funds management. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant who worked in the tax area of KPMG for five years before joining the Group in 2002. Prior to her time at KPMG Julie, who is also a qualified architect, worked for the Commonwealth Government as a design architect. When she is not working or enjoying the company of her two children, Julie likes to work out at the gym or participate in snow sports.

David Goode has been an active director with the company since 2008 and oversees the depositor department of the business as well as being involved in the day to day handling of the portfolio. David graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor in International Studies and is now undertaking his Chartered Alternative Investment analyst certification. David is also the involved in The Pingpongathon, a Melbourne based charity combating human trafficking and modern day slavery.

Michael Goode has been involved with the All States Group since the mid 1970s as a director of a number of the Group companies. He is a qualified CPA and has been involved in the finance and securities industries since 1973. He was a partner in A. C. Goode & Co. (stockbrokers) and a member of the Australian Stock Exchange from 1978 until 1990. He ran the dealing room as head of the Fixed Interest Department in Melbourne for many years as well as working as a stockbroker dealing in equities and fixed interest securities in both Australia, and Europe. In 1992, he joined his father at the All-States Group, overseeing the Group’s treasury functions as well as managing one of the Floor Members of the Sydney Futures Exchange, All-States Futures Pty Ltd which formed part of the All-States Group. He is a keen tennis player and an active member of his local church.